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Bing Ads Made Easy

Published March 24, 2019 in Courses - 0 Comments
bing ads

Section 1: Bing Ads Basics

Section 2: Setting Everything Up

Section 3: Creating Ad Campaigns – Step By Step

Section 4: Advanced Bing Advertising Strategies

Section 5: Additional Tips To Consider

Intro: What You Need To Know To Dominate Bing Ads

1. What is Bing and why use it for your business?

2. What are Bing ads all about?

3. What advertising goals does Bing actually offer for your business?

4. What You Should Do Right Before Creating Bing Ads

5. Setting Up Your Bing Ads Account

6. Getting To Know Your Bing Ads Account

7. Visits to my website

8. Visits to my business location

9. Conversions on my website

10. Phone calls to my business

11. 7 Advanced Level Advantages of the Bing Ads Platform

12. Importing Campaigns from Google AdWords

13. Optimizing with Advanced Campaign Settings

14. Setting Up Dynamic Text Ads

15. Advanced Automated Rules Strategies

16. Remarketing with Bing Ads

17. Do’s and Don’t’s

18. Premium Tools and Services to Consider

19. Shocking Case Studies

20. Frequently Asked Questions