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Why Every Internet Marketer Needs An Origin Story

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For the longest time, I wondered how people who were successful making money online managed to do it.

How do these internet marketers create massive followings and get people to listen to them when they recommended their followers buy something? How do they do it?

The truth is, there are actually two types of successful internet marketers. The first is public-facing, the second isn’t. What do I mean by that?

Well, as I’m sure you have seen, some of the most successful internet marketers are constantly on camera, sharing their lives.

This creates a certain magnetic force (“the law of attraction”) that pulls people in. People looking to be successful are attracted to success.

Obviously, someone who is that public about their life as a successful internet marketer is an example of the public-facing type.

But what if you don’t have any success to show yet? What if you don’t have flashy cars or tropical vacation photos to show off?

Frankly, this is where people who try to make money online spin their wheels, sometimes for a very long time. The reason why is simple: they don’t have an origin story potential followers can relate to.

If you have been on a lot of webinars over the years, you probably have picked up on the fact that even the most successful marketers will begin their webinars by explaining where they came from.

This is to reduce the amount of space between them and those they plan to make an offer to later in the webinar. To be a successful internet marketer though, you do not have to do webinars.

You just need an origin story that you can put in front of people in the form of a sales page. Then you just send traffic to a squeeze page that redirects to that sales page once the traffic opts in.

If you want your email list to engage with you, they must get to know you. The real you.

And if every single person who has subscribed to your list has read your origin story, you will no longer be some asshole internet marketer who is constantly blowing up your subscribers’ inboxes.

Bottom line: get your origin story down, and get it in front of people.

Here’s how to create your origin story from start to finish (and how to integrate it with an offer or business opportunity so that it converts like crazy):


Generally speaking, people buy from people they like. To be likable, you must present yourself as the hero of your own movie.

If you watch any Hollywood movie, the hero is introduced in the beginning of the story. There’s always one specific thing about the hero which makes the audience like him/her. It’s usually one of the following:

1. The hero’s in jeopardy. There’s a disaster coming, but the hero doesn’t know it yet.

2. Someone who’s good at what they do. This is the classic “Rain Man,” “The Firm” and “A Few Good Men” Tom Cruise character.

3. Trapped in some bad circumstance.

4. Likable by other people in the movie. This is the classic Tom Hanks character in almost every Tom Hanks movie.

5. Funny. We like funny people.

6. Powerful. Superhero movies play on this a lot.

In order to get the reader to like you, so they can proceed to buy from you, you must choose ONE of the strategies above.

I recommend choosing one of the first three options. These are the most surefire approaches in the business opportunity space.

As a rule, most top earners position themselves using one of the three of these angles in their “origin” stories.


So… which one are you? Are you the struggling about-to-be-thrown-out-on-the-street hero that makes good in the end? Or are you a skilled real estate pro who didn’t see the economy crashing in 2009?

Or maybe you’re just someone who lived his entire life making someone else rich and is now ready to make the jump, but is stuck, because you sort of missed the boat on the internet?

It’s up to you to choose. For that, please follow the following guidelines:

Describe your life JUST BEFORE you decided to try to make money online. Think of it as the first 5-10 minutes of your own movie, where you are the hero.

This is a great place to describe your job (which you may have hated or still hate), your family, the things that most annoyed you about your life, the problems you’ve faced on daily basis, the lingering thoughts that wouldn’t let you sleep well at night and so on.

Your goal is to show the reader who you are, to make them engage with you emotionally and to elicit an emotional connection with you because of the situation you’re in and/or because of your personality and attitude about life and people in it.

TIP: Don’t summarize.


“I’m a family man with two kids. I worked my entire life in construction and it was never enough to pay the bills, so I decided to start an online business.”


“I was sitting in my home office reviewing the bills. I was trying to decide which ones we could afford to pay now and which ones I can put off until later. I basically had to decide, ‘Do we give up our internet, our cell phones, or our electricity for the next couple of weeks?'”

See how the 2nd example describes a specific “scene” out of your life which overtly tells us you’re struggling and you’re stuck in a really bad place in your life? That’s what you’re looking to do.


Next thing we must describe is WHAT moved you to start seeking an online income.

Was it another late bill which tipped you over the fence? Was it your mother-in-law moving in to help with the bills? Was it your child asking how come the neighbor’s kid got a drone for Xmas and they didn’t?

There’s always a reason WHY you decide to start an online business. What occurred in your life that made the present state of being so painful you decided to change?



“I didn’t go on vacation for 2 years. I decided it was enough.”


“One evening, after I told Timmy a bedtime story and tucked him in, he asked when are we going to go to Disney. He said I promised to take him but I never had time because I was always working. I felt like the world’s worst father. My own son thought I don’t love him, because I always put my job first. This is the moment when I knew I had to get out of real estate and build my own business which gave me flexible work hours.”


What are the 3 obstacles you encountered when you started your online business?

The first two obstacles have to be minor obstacles you overcame easily.

The third obstacle should be presented as an insurmountable obstacle you had no idea how to overcome and that almost made you quit, but which you overcame eventually through the help of the business opportunity you’re promoting.

This is one of my favorite formulas for sales-getting copy. It’s problem, agitate, solution. Solution is the business opportunity. So now we need a few problems.

Be super specific.


“English isn’t my first language. I didn’t know how to overcome that.”


“My first coach, who I paid $500 told me I needed to post content. Content could be anything from an article to a video to a podcast. English isn’t my first language. I’ve got a thick Spanish accent going on. So I steered away from video and decided to write instead. I thought I could easily write 300-500 word articles about success and motivation. But it would take me a year before I finally learned how to produce a decent piece of content.”

SPECIFICS about the problems you face and the solutions you use to overcome them is what’s going to get you those sales. So don’t spare any details.


We established you as the hero who tries to achieve a certain goal. We have discussed how your life looked before you set on your journey and what were the obstacles you overcame.

Now we need to clearly define what the ideal outcome looks like. What’s that “paradise” you’re striving towards?

Please take at least 500 words to describe it. Be as specific as possible. It doesn’t need to give a general overview of your life. It needs to paint a specific “scene” which represents success to you.

Here’s an example from someone I know in Israel:

“For me, it was my daughter. Even before my wife and I had Erica, I wanted to set my life up so I can spend as much time with her as possible. I wanted to be there every single day. My dad never picked me up from school and never took me to school. I remember playing soccer with him once in the yard in my entire life. I wanted to send a different message to my daughter. My wife and I made a commitment to always be there for her. We’re the only couple in the entire state of Negev who drops off their child and picks their child up from pre-school together. We both walk her right to the front door, kiss her, hug her and wish her a great day. When she walks out later that day, she sees both of us. She knows mommy and daddy love her very much.”

See how specific that is? Not just about WHAT he wants to have in his life, but HOW and WHY?

And he focused on one tiny yet specific thing in his life — the relationship with his daughter. He didn’t talk about driving a nice car, living in a big house or working out of a coffee shop.

All these are fine, but it wasn’t his idea of success. So, what’s YOURS?


Create a sales page with your own personal origin story. Select a high-ticket offer as the answer to what got you out of trouble and include it at the end of your story.

Be sure to include some good photos of you (if you have one with a family member or a loved one that’s great!).

Seriously, open up here. Make it vivid and real, and don’t spare any details.

The more authentic and true to yourself and your real story you are with this, the more successful you will be. Remember, no one you know is going to see this page — only strangers will be reading your story.

Why? Here’s the lead flow:

1. You buy traffic.

2. You send the traffic to a squeeze page.

3. Some of the traffic opts in and is added to your email list — and is redirected to the sales page with your story on it.

4. A small percentage buy the offer on the sales page with your story on it because they identify with your former situation.

5. Even the ones who don’t buy the offer are now more receptive to your emails, since they know exactly who you are and where you come from — you’re a person to them.

6. Eventually some leads buy the offer through your emails as a result of being on your email list.

That’s it. At no point do your friends or family members ever read what you put on this sales page. Keep that in mind as you put together your origin story: don’t hold back.

Every internet marketer has experienced a lot of failure. Don’t be embarrassed about it — your past failures are what people will identify with the most!


I hope you have found this post to be instructive and useful. Take everything I have presented here and use it — it’s what will get the ball rolling for you.

Without your unique origin story, you will keep spinning your wheels. (Maybe forever, honestly.) It’s the difference between gaining momentum and getting nowhere at all.


Becoming an Earning Ability member is a commitment to transitioning from dreaming to doing.

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned on this page into practice. Desire meets destiny here.